Carbon Sky Clip


Undetectable by airport and security scanners – keep your valuables in your pocket. Proprietary construction: hinders RF signals from thieves skimmers trying to steal your information off of credit/debit cards, passports, and info contained on contact-less chips within them.


  • Military grade carbon fiber material with a 2×2 twill finish layer inside and out
  • Lightweight and durable design it weighs in at approx. 5 grams
  • Advanced composite design does not trigger security scanners
  • Designed so that the surfaces can open repeatedly and keep its shape and clamping strength.
  • 24 pounds of clamping force and can hold up to 7 cards and 25 bills, at its minimum 2 cards and 2 bills
  • Manufactured and hand finished in the USA
  • Innovative Design


  • 1.625″ wide
  • RF Blocker


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